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You wouldn’t think that the same author who pens things like Dive Bar Blues Tales and Suicide in Tiny Increments would also write middle grade sci fi, but hey what can I say? We live in a weird world. And you can read about an even weirder world in my Left Behind Trilogy! (Dun dun dun . . . Did I mention this post would include shameless promotion?) The first book is out now in paperback, Kindle, Nook Book/epub and available through most major online retailers. Get your copy of The Forbidden Voyage on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords. If you prefer the paperback version get it on Createspace (the paperback hasn’t quite made it to Amazon and B&N but it should be there in a few days). And while you’re there why not pick up a couple of copies for the young readers in your life (and the young at heart!)? Ok I feel pretty sleazy now. . .

What would you do if everything you were taught about your home planet was a lie?

What would you do if you were Left Behind?


Left Behind smashwords coverENDIRION is a thirteen year old boy like any other. Except his skin is green and it glows. And he doesn’t have any hair on his head or anywhere else on his body. Oh and he lives in a cave underground. But so does everyone on the poisoned Mother Planet. There is little to eat and what they do have is as mutated as the people themselves. Fuel is scarce and technology exists only in history books.

Or so they are told.

When Endirion and his classmate Harlo are sentenced to hard labor at the Dump they see things that go against everything they have ever known about their planet. Determined to find out the truth the boys set off on a dangerous journey that pits them against angry marshals, mysterious animals, mutant humanoids, and lands them in the belly of a Monstruwhale. It is a harrowing quest that takes them down remote tunnels, across the Lake of Fire, into the Madlands and a whole new world.



Join the Cartel!

Tina and Dive Bar Blues Tales fully endorse the following message 🙂

Serrated Roses

Left Behind smashwords coverStory Cartel, that is, and download Left Behind Book One: The Forbidden Voyage for FREE! For free? Yes for free! So what’s the catch? The catch . . . well maybe you could write an honest review on Amazon, tell everyone what you think of it. If you love it, tell the world! And if you hate it . . . well yeah that too but I don’t think you will!

The campaign for The Forbidden Voyage will be up on Story Cartel until the release date. That’s right, you only have up until December 5th to get your free copy. So what are you waiting for? Join the cartel and download your free copy of the first book in the Left Behind Trilogy today!

If you’re still on the fence here’s a little blurb to entice you.

What would you do if everything you were taught about your home…

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