Welcome to Dive Bar Blues Tales

I’ve heard it over and over. If you want to be a real writer, if you want to get published, you have to have a blog.  You HAVE to have a blog! I’ll be honest, I’m resistant.  And I fail to see how the two are connected.  Especially since I write literary fiction and what does that have to do with a bleeping blog?  How could random ranting, musing, and bragging possibly help me get published?  And you know, I think I am pretty good at letting all of that out in my day to day life anyway, so what good could an online diary possibly bring?

Tolstoy didn’t have a blog.  Mark Twain didn’t have a blog.  (Nice company I’m choosing here, huh?)  But alas the world changes and here I am trying to think of a really great original idea because if I don’t I will never be a real writer!

If you ask the people that know me they will say political commentary would get me a lot of attention.  Especially if there is video.  Who wouldn’t like to watch some little girl go crazy over a letter to the editor in the local paper?  But my politics are a bit… different… and my goal is not to offend my way into the slush pile so that idea is a definite no.  How about a recipe blog?  I can cook, true.  But so can most people, right?  I thought I hit gold with “How to eat like a fat girl but be thin” idea, but there are only so many ways you can say ‘take the stairs’ and ‘eat lots of fiber’.  A friend suggested posting one of my unpublished novels as a blog.  But the idea of taking either of my labor of loves and chopping it into bite size pieces to be served as fast food fiction just made me sad in the end.  Then I thought… what about short stories?  Well short short stories anyway.  And that is when I knew the only way I could write a blog is if it was fictional.  It just made sense. Wikipedia describes blog fiction as such: ” It is a small-scale fringe activity in the world of blogging, and although it has generated some literary critical interest, it remains isolated. Perfect!  This is as close as I am going to get to original in a world where everything has been done.

And so I would like to welcome you to my fictional blog: Dive Bar Blues Tales.  It’s like Cheers but more disturbing. 

Meet Tina.  At barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds, our narrator is quite the bartending diva.  One snarky observation after another, she shares the comedies, dramas, tragedies and the anonymous stories she has sworn to take to her grave.  She should have a new story to tell every week or so.  That is my goal anyway.  And with that I give you the first installment of Dive Bar Blues Tales.


One thought on “Welcome to Dive Bar Blues Tales

  1. Check out my girl Sarah’s blog…She won’t let me read any of her writings, but I’m honored that she will let these innocent eyes read her blog…I can’t wait to see what the weeks ahead have in store. Maybe I’ll even be written about here? How about it Sarah? As long as I can choose my anomous name. Can I?

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